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Armoured Clash is a thrilling tabletop wargame of epic land battles, using highly detailed miniatures to represent massed battles across the globe. Set in the alternate late-nineteenth century of the Dystopian Age, players become generals for their super-science-fuelled nations that clash over resources and power.

There are many ways to start your journey into Armoured Clash with one and two player Introductory sets, Faction Starter sets and a wide range of expansions. Pick your faction and fight for dominance with a variety of fantastic infantry, cavalry, aircraft and tanks. Showcase your mighty forces with spectacular behemoths such as landships and super heavy tanks.

Lead your Force to victory. And may the best general win...

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Dystopian Age

Armoured Clash is set in the Dystopian Age. From the Badlands of North America to the icy realm of Antarctica the world of the Dystopian Age is a wild and dangerous place.